What Are Some Rights That Apartment Renters Hold?

A renter has a right to a habitable dwelling and to privacy. Upon termination of a lease agreement, some states require the landlord to refund the tenant’s security deposit, says FindLaw.

Most U.S. states bar landlords from including provisions in lease agreements that compel tenants to waive their rights to habitable apartments. Uninhabitable apartments fall under two categories: those with unsafe living conditions and those with vermin infestations. The apartments must also be free of lead-based paint, because lead is potentially hazardous to children and pets, damaging the central nervous system, reports FindLaw.

A landlord may not enter a rented unit except in the event of an emergency. In case he needs to enter to make repairs or for other reasons, he needs to give the tenant reasonable advance notice, which varies by state, prior to coming into the apartment, says FindLaw.

The security deposit required for a rental property must not exceed the limit set by the state, and the landlord may have to refund the deposit within a specific time frame. Landlords may be able to make deductions from deposit refunds due to damages that the tenant cause or for cleaning costs to restore the apartment to its original condition at the beginning of the lease, according to FindLaw.