What Are Some Right Keywords to Describe Yourself in a Job Interview?

The keywords that an interviewee may employ in a job interview may include effective, assertive, positive, persistent and proactive. These give a positive first impression to the panel conducting the interview.

The keywords used by the interviewee should suit the interviewee while at the same time meeting the company’s needs. If a company is seeking to fill a position, it is most likely looking for someone that can multi-task, work in an efficient manner or takes the initiative to get duties assigned done. The description r should suit the personal characteristics of the interviewee and should not be too far-fetched. The use of positive adjectives in an interview significantly increases the chances of a candidate getting the position.

A company looking for a talented employee will prefer someone that describes himself as effective, assertive, positive, persistent and proactive. It is, therefore, important to determine the immediate needs of the firm prior to showing up for the interview. Determining this enables the candidate to model a description that suits the company’s needs. The words used to describe the applicant should strictly be professional. Applicants should refrain from using informal words. The words chosen should describe the interviewee’s thinking style, managing pressure or the preferred work environment.