What Is the Right Format for a Standard Operating Procedure?


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The most effective format for a standard operating procedure document varies depending on the nature of the company and the process it is documenting, though many involve a standard definition of the action and a clear set of steps or instructions written with basic indentation or section headings. Some documents may also include forms, cells or charts to help illustrate specific points.

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A standard operating procedure document helps an organization outline the official process for completing various tasks, such as preparing an item for a refund at a retail store or processing a request for time off in an office setting. As the work environment and nature of the procedure vary significantly between businesses, there is no single correct formatting for such a document, as the layout and structure should reflect the needs and idiosyncrasies of that company. One common formatting option involves the use of a word processing program to create an outline document that features different font sizes and styles to differentiate between headings and sections.

The document typically begins with a title for the procedure in question, along with a brief introductory statement explaining the procedure and the situations that may cause it to come into effect. The body of the document frequently features a series of steps outlining how the employee is to complete the action, including images or charts when necessary. Some documents also include copies of forms to use while completing the procedure.

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