How Do You Get Rid of a Mobile Home?

rid-mobile-home Credit: Alan Powdrill/The Image Bank/Getty Images

To get rid of a mobile home, first check for relevant municipal rules, find a contractor to do the work, locate an appropriate landfill, demolish the structure and dispose of the debris. You need a phone for calling local government and landfills, a contractor for demolition and a way to haul away the debris. Completion time is estimated at a few weeks to a few months.

  1. Check with local government and secure a contractor

    Call your city or county inspections department to find out if a permit is needed for demolition. If so, secure the required permit. Find a contractor who has experience and the proper equipment to demolish the mobile home. If possible, request that the contractor haul the waste to an appropriate landfill. If required in your municipality, ask your demolition contractor to fill out a form with details of the demolition project, including the address, the type of structure being demolished and the contractor's license information.

  2. Find an appropriate landfill

    Check with your local municipality for a list of area landfills that accept construction debris. Call the landfills to find out about any restrictions on times for disposal and the cost of disposal.

  3. Demolish the mobile home

    Before demolition begins, offer the contractor the opportunity to take any metal and other valuable scrap pieces in exchange for a price reduction. Have the contractor take the debris to the landfill, or gain access to a truck and haul the debris yourself.