How Do You Get Rid of Credit Card Debt?

How Do You Get Rid of Credit Card Debt?

To get rid of credit card debt, the first step is to stop using your credit cards, notes Bankrate. Next, list your debts, make a budget, and create a savings plan. Look for ways to reduce monthly spending, and pay more than the minimum payments whenever possible.

  1. Stop using credit cards

    Stop using your credit cards for impulse purchases, and only use them in emergency situations. If you are unable to effectively control your credit card use. Cut them in half, or shred them.

  2. List your debts

    Write down or type the name of each credit card account you owe money on. Put the debt amount next to each account as well as the interest rate and approximate monthly payment.

  3. Reduce your overall spending

    Explore long-term ways in which you can reduce spending. Sign up for phone and Internet bundling plans, for example, or group your insurance plans. You could also cancel your cable television.

  4. Make a budget

    Your budget should include limits on weekly and monthly spending in areas such as food, discretionary income and clothing. Get help from a budget counselor, if necessary.

  5. Earn additional income

    Find a part-time job, or pick up extra hours at work. Put the additional money your earn toward your credit card debt.

  6. Pay down the debt

    Create payment arrangements with creditors, and make the agreed-upon payments on time until you eliminate your credit card debt completely.