What Is an RFP Response Letter?

A request for proposal response letter is written to indicate whether a company or individual is interested in the RFP that was sent to them. It is a formal means of communication that businesses often use when requesting outsourced goods or services.

When writing an RFP response letter, a professional appearance and clear content are best. When companies send out RFP letters, they send them to various companies or individuals within the same trade. Writing a professional, clear and concise response letter to answer a proposal request is crucial.

The writer should compose the response on formal letterhead and ensure that all details like experience, resources and qualifications are clearly listed. Writers then craft all intents with the proposed offer and gauge whether there is interest in future offers and modifications. They emphasize the benefits available from the solution of the proposal and draft each portion of the solution in such a way that clearly makes the solution the only answer.

When sending the response letter back to a company, a cover letter is crucial. It is just as important as the response letter itself. Writers must make sure all pertinent contact information is clearly noted on the cover letter. This includes a brief summary of what is included in the response letter that immediately follows.