What Are the Best Rewards Programs for Online Retailers?


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According to an article published by ConsumerReports.org, some of the best reward programs for online purchases come from JCPenney, Gap, Best Buy and Amazon.com. These websites all offer extensive rewards for purchases over time, however some of them require the use of a store brand credit card to receive rewards.

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Many retail programs have benefits that differ significantly from one another. These programs almost always offer credit for the store they come from, and some of the rewards have stipulations, like needing to use a store brand credit card or needing to be used at one of the branch stores or on a specific kind of product. Coupon rewards are commonly distributed. So the best choices depend entirely on what the consumers are looking for.

Gap offers discounts every Tuesday in its physical and online stores, for instance. Many stores offer free shipping for using the store credit card as well as percentage of discounts on products bought with that card. Other stores might have extra deals attached to membership of that store, such as the Amazon Prime membership. Prime members get access to a large catalogue of movies that they can watch at any time for no cost to them, discounts on many products and discounted shipping options.

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