What Are Some Rewards for Positive Employee Comments?


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Reward an employee who receives positive comments by allowing her to hear the comments customers left about her, or bring a Board member to an employee meeting to personally and publicly commend the employee. Another option is to discover what motivates the employee in question, and reward the employee by fulfilling some part of that motivation if it is possible.

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Some employers choose to reward employees by dedicating a few minutes at the start of monthly staff meetings to highlight employee accomplishments. This approach lets the employee feel that her hard work is being recognized by both her managers and her peers.

Another approach is to present gift certificates as rewards for performance and positive customer feedback. If you decide to give gift certificates or monetary rewards, be certain to establish clearly explained guidelines that indicate the reasons for those rewards. It's vital that all employees feel fairly treated when seeing others receive money rewards.

Keep in mind that money isn't always the best reward. Money rewards create temporary boosts, but don't feel lasting unless they come in the form of something enduring, such as a raise or promotion. Don't reward employees for every single thing they do, but reward them in ways that let them know that you can see and appreciate the work that is happening.

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