How Do You Get Rewards With Credit Cards?


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To get rewards, users need high credit scores when they apply for cards, says LaToya Irby for About.com. To earn rewards, users often need to charge a minimum amount; for example, a card application might explain a user needs to spend at least $2,000 during a calendar year to earn rewards.

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Users are often subject to other restrictions and caps, explains Irby. Credit card issuers can also change their rewards programs without advance notification. Users should compare the various credit card rewards programs, and choose one that meets their preferences.

In general, users qualify for cash, points or miles rewards, says Irby. Cash rewards are generally the most simple to understand, but they do not always come in cash. They may be a credit on an account or come in the form of a check or bank deposit. Cash rewards tend to be available in increments of $25.

Point rewards tend to equal one point for each dollar charged, and customers can redeem points for merchandise offered by the rewards program, states Irby. In some cases, points can be redeemed for cash, gift cards and travel. Miles rewards give fliers miles they can use toward airline tickets; exact conversion rates depend on the card.

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