What Rewards Can You Earn With a Circle K Rewards Card?

Circle K Red Rewards card members can redeem their points for free drinks, bakery items, sandwiches, gift cards and even iPads, as of 2015. Members accumulate points based on the dollar amount spent on all qualifying purchases, though the actual rate varies depending on the store's location. Other benefits of membership include special "members only" deals, as well the ability to earn additional freebies on regularly purchased items.

Shoppers in Circle K stores earn points with most purchases when a Red Rewards card is swiped at the register, and every dollar spent qualifies for between one and twenty points, depending on where the store is located. Items such as lottery tickets, tobacco products and alcohol are excluded, however rewards points can also be gained from purchasing gasoline.

Card members are also entitled to take advantage of frequent purchase offers, such as buy ten and get the next item free. These offers typically apply to regularly purchased items such as milk, coffee and sandwiches. Additionally, Circle K runs promotions as an incentive for initial registration with rewards such as Polar Pop coupons. Entrance into sweepstakes and access to exclusive cardholder offers are also offered by some Circle K location, as of 2015.