Are Reviews of Sun West Mortgage Generally Positive?

As of 2016, customer reviews of Sun West Mortgage in Cerritos, California, are either extremely positive or extremely negative, with no middle-of-the-road reviews, based on Yelp user reviews. Positive reviewers praise the company's speedy responses, good customer service, easy-to-read website and statements, and patience in dealing with difficult transactions.

However, other customers report that the company made promises of rate reductions that it didn't keep and that it failed to provide needed information regarding loan requirements, as noted on Still other customers complain that Sun West is outsourcing its work to India.

Employees or former employees of Sun West Mortgage are not positive overall about the company, according to Glassdoor. Some report that they were treated badly, with management tending to micromanage and refusing to train employees, and some compare the office to a prison.