What Are Some Reviews of St. Vincent's Hospital in Indianapolis?


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Reviews of St. Vincent's Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana are generally favorable from both employees and customers as of 2015. Reviews cite attentive staff, professional care and a positive work environment that promotes communication and offers appropriate benefits. However, some negative reviews mention rude and abrasive treatment in the urgent care and emergency room departments.

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Many review sites operate on star systems, wherein reviewers assign a satisfaction ranking for the hospital ranging from one to five stars. The majority of the reviews on these sites rate the hospital at three stars or more, with many including additional written sections highlighting specific experiences at the location. Several reviews mention visiting the hospital with various symptoms that caused the reviewer great pain or discomfort and receiving treatments that relieved the pain and led to a proper recovery. Some of the one-star reviews on these sites mention experiencing long wait times for emergency visits and feeling as if the staff did not care about the patient's well being.

In terms of employment reviews, which function on a similar rating system, many rate the hospital at three stars or above. Written sections frequently mention a positive and professional environment at the hospital that led to many enjoyable experiences among coworkers. Some reviews mention minor issues with supervisors, such as an inability to communicate or a tendency to receive confusing instructions.

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