What Are Some Reviews of Scarborough Grace Hospital?

What Are Some Reviews of Scarborough Grace Hospital?

Scarborough Grace Hospital generally does not receive positive reviews from former patients and their families. Reviews on Yelp average out to 3.0, and reviews on RateMDs average out to 1.46.

According to the Yelp reviews, Scarborough Hospital's doctors and nurses are friendly, caring and professional. However, its emergency room nurses, doctors and administrative staff are very poor. One reviewer asserted that the ER staff were not respectful, and multiple reviewers complained about long wait times and the staff's apparent lack of urgency.

The RateMDs reviews echoed the same concerns regarding the politeness of the staff. Eight of the 12 reviewers cited that the nursing staff was rude and inconsiderate. In addition, four of the 12 reviewers were initially misdiagnosed. One of these claimed that the hospital's misdiagnosis of his friend's condition had led to that friend's death. Reviewers also complained about the hospital's general lack of cleanliness.

The findings of the Canadian Institute for Health Information reflected the complaints of most of these poor reviews. As reported by CBC News, the Institute found that the care provided by registered nurses fell short of the average level of care provided by Canadian hospitals. Contrary to the reviews, however, the Institute found the hospital to be above average in terms of cleanliness.

The Institute's report also analyzed the performance of Scarborough in several key metrics to the level of care the hospital provides. It found that Scarborough fell short of the national averages across the board in the following areas: mortality after major surgery, nursing-sensitive adverse events, readmission after surgery, and readmission after medical treatment.