What Do Reviews Say About SAFE Credit Union?


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The majority of reviews about SAFE Credit Union are positive and comment on the company's customer service as being very good, states WalletHub.com. As with any reviews, there are some that are unfavorable in the mix, but the majority of them are positive and speak well of the credit union as of 2015.

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The reviews speak favorably of the bank's annual fees and terms associated with various accounts. Most customers of the bank have come from other banks or have been banking with the company for many years. The customer service is highly rated in the reviews in regards to both the tellers and the over-the-phone customer service. Customers of the bank also speak highly of the terms the credit union has on its auto loans and checking accounts in addition to the credit cards, notes WalletHub.com.

Not all rates and experiences with these services are the same for every customer. Customers of the bank that have a lower credit rating may not get as favorable an interest rate as someone with higher credit. The customers that have switched from other banks praise the ease of switching their accounts, easy approval processes for credit cards and the customer service. Most of the SAFE locations are in the California area and may have eligibility requirements to join the credit union.

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