What Do Reviews Say About Primerica Being a Scam?

What Do Reviews Say About Primerica Being a Scam?

As of 2016, reviewers on websites such as Sequence Inc. indicate that Primerica is a scam because it is a multilevel marketing company that sells overpriced insurance products. Sources such as JennifersPassion4InternetMarketing.com claim that individuals have to pay to join the organization, commissions on sales are low, and people make money using a tier-based system in which people higher up make a portion of a lower-level individual's commissions.

Primerica's insurance and investments products are inflated, causing consumers to overpay, claims Sequence Inc. The multilevel marketing structure results in the individual who is selling the product receiving considerably less commission than if working in a different insurance company. Job interviewers for Primerica reportedly troll the Web for people seeking jobs, offering an interview for an opening but without providing much information about the job.

OnlineMarketingWithVince.com reports that it can cost hundreds of dollars to sign up with Primerica. Individuals are then requested to sell Primerica's services to friends and family, plus recruit others to join their team to sell the same products to increase commissions. The owner of Online Marketing With Vince believes that Primerica is not a scam, but it is difficult to make money and it has the feel of a pyramid scheme.

The blogger for Jenniferspassion4internetmarketing.com claims that Primerica creates false hopes that individuals can leave their jobs and gain more personal time. However, the website claims that in 2012, the average pay per representative was just $5,513. Individuals make commissions of only 25 percent, and there is also a two-year non-competition clause if they choose to work independently.

Many complaints on the ConsumerAffairs website state that Primerica has questionable business practices, such as recruiters calling the interviewee's friends, aggressive sales pitches and making unrealistic advertisements about how Primerica employees can make significant amounts of money. Some individuals claim they lost friends by advertising Primerica's products or job positions to them.