What Do Reviews Say About Citizens Auto Finance?


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High rates, poor customer care and unfulfilled promises are some of the complaints about Citizens Auto Finance, stated by customers on Creditkarma.com and Consumeraffairs.com, as of November 2015. Most of the respondents say they cannot recommend this company to their friends.

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Reviewers on Consumeraffairs.com complain of high rates that the company charges. The reviewers claim that the rate doesn't match with the value of the car. Another reviewer complains that even with the high rate the company charges, there is no paperwork to show where the money goes. Users also claim that Citizens Auto Finance charges $12.50 to make a payment by phone.

Poor customer care also comes up in various reviews about Citizens Auto Finance on Consumeraffairs.com, as noted on the website. Complaints about representatives who are rude and unprofessional are numerous. Other reviewers claim that, at times, calls to the company go unanswered for several days. One reviewer claims to have been put on hold several time for more than 20 minutes and being hung up on by representatives more than once.

Failed promises by Citizens Auto Finance contribute to the poor reviews of the company on Creditkarma.com, as noted in the Reviews section of the website. For instance, a representative promised a customer that the company would correct an erroneous bill that the company had posted to his account, but the correction reportedly never happened.

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