What Do Reviews Say About Brita Water Filters?


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Most of the reviews for Brita water filters on Amazon.com are positive, but some reviews report problems with the quality of the jugs and some users find black specks in their filtered water. Many reviewers report an improvement in the taste of their water and that the system is simple to use, but some complain that the water filters too slowly.

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The Brita pitcher system is well-reviewed on Consumersearch.com, where it is praised for its ability to filter out some contaminants and improve taste. It is not the top recommendation, however, because it filters slowly. GoodHousekeeping.com points out that in its testing, the system did an acceptable job of removing common contaminants, but only for the first half of the filter's life. After that time, the filtration rate drops sharply.

Reviews on Amazon.com generally praise the improved taste of the water. Complaints are often isolated problems but include difficulty changing the filter, residue from the filters appearing in the filtered water and having to wait too long for the water to run through the filter. Some users have even found that the filters don't fit properly, allowing unfiltered water to flow straight into the jug. Most users, however, are happy with the performance and find they save money if they are replacing bottled water with a Brita filter.

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