What Are Some Reviews for MagicJack Customer Service?


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Most of the reviews for magicJack customer service are unfavorable, but there are positive and mixed reviews as well. Many customers complain about constant call-breaking, the lack of a customer hotline number and long waiting hours, while other customers like magicJack customer support because it offers detailed information.

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Many reviewers complain about the lack of real customer service, as conversations with magicJack customer support are prone to call-breaking and a periodic beeping sound on the caller’s end. Several reviewers protest that magicJack does not have customer hotline numbers for when urgent help is required. Some reviewers indicate that the only way to communicate with company representatives is through a chat in which they are forced to wait for several days before receiving a reply.

Some reviewers protest that magicJack customer service offers little to no help, whereas other reviewers complain of rude representatives who use abusive language and offer inadequate answers. Some reviewers complain about the lack of a primary language among the representatives, as the language barrier results in misunderstanding.

On the other hand, a few reviewers mention that chatting with the company’s representatives produces detailed information on how to troubleshoot the device once a problem occurs. Other reviewers also mention magicJack's high-quality sound track, which enables audible communication.

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