What are the reviews like for Roadrunner freight tracking?


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The majority of reviews for Roadrunner Transportation Systems on Yelp.com tend to be negative, as of late 2015, but there are mixed and positive reviews as well. Many people rate this service as highly unprofessional, while others state that the drivers are helpful.

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As of November 2015, this service has a rating of 1.5 out of five stars on Yelp.com. Several reviewers state that their items arrived late and damaged. One reviewer also reports that this company subcontracts its services to smaller trucking companies, resulting in longer transit time and higher chance of lost shipments. In addition, some reviewers report that when dealing with the customer service department of this company, they often had to make multiple calls to get their shipments sorted out, and each time they had to explain the problem to a different person.

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