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Some reviews of Dr. Mark Stengler state that he is a great doctor, he is very knowledgeable about supplements and that his periodicals contain misinformation and promote unproven advice. Dr. Stengler has an average rating of five stars, according to Healthgrades.com.

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Dr. Stengler is a doctor of naturopathy at The Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine. Stengler Center patients rate him at 4.9 out of five stars, while recommending him to their family and friends. He receives high ratings in the categories of Listens and Answers Questions, Time Spent with Patient and Level of Trust, reports Healthgrades.com.

However, Dr. Stengler received a negative review by Quackwatch.org. His periodical, BottomLine Natural Healing, is on the list of Nonrecommended Periodicals by Dr. Stephen Barrett. The magazine is rated under the "Fundamentally Flawed" category and Dr. Barrett considers it untrustworthy because it does not "distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources of advice," reports Quackwatch.org.

Customers have given some negative reviews about being scammed when they ordered Dr. Stengler's products. They said that they ordered and paid for his books but never received them. One customer's review stated that he'd been wrongly charged for a supplement that did not improve his condition and was having his bank file a formal complaint, notes Complaintslist.com.

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