What Are Some Reviews on Danberry Real Estate?

Individuals can locate reviews of Danberry Realtors in Toledo, Ohio, on the websites of the Better Business Bureau and Angie's List. The review of the realtor on the BBB website is available for anyone to view, whereas Angie's list requires registration and a personal account to view its reviews.

People can see reviews of Danberry Realtors from the BBB by visiting the website of the BBB's Northwest and West Central Ohio and Southeast Michigan division and using the website search engine. Among the details in the review are company address, BBB accreditation status and rating (which, as of 2015, are accredited and A+ respectively), reasons for the entity's particular rating and company history and contact. The review also records customer complaints, complaint time frames and resolution statuses.

Visitors to the Angie's List website can view reviews of Danberry Realtors by clicking the Join Now button at the top of the web page to create a personal account. In addition to client reviews, the Realtor page includes an overall grade and ratings in quality, professionalism, punctuality and responsiveness. Angie's List ensures the quality and authenticity of its reviews by not allowing anonymous comments and by scanning for company self-reviews or reviews against close competitors.