What Are Reviews of Alliance One Collection Agency Like?


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Customer and consumer review for the AllianceOne collection agency typically mention poor customer service interactions, such as dealing with rude and unhelpful agents, who are unable to resolve issues. Reviews also mention customers receiving frequent calls and letters from collections agents and a failure to follow through on promises to remove credit infractions.

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Many consumers who deal with AllianceOne as a result of outstanding debt mention a great deal of dissatisfaction with the customer service of the company, typically due to an inability to quickly and effectively resolve matters. Consumers also frequently mention receiving calls from the company, despite not owing any debt, and not being able to remove themselves from the company's call lists. Some consumers claim the company mistakenly identifies them as the wrong person, sometimes due to possessing similar names, being a relative of a person with outstanding debt or living at a former address of the indebted party.

Consumer reviews also mention that the company makes promises it cannot keep during the debt payment process, most frequently claiming to remove collections notices from the consumer's credit report. Other reviews claim that the collection agency reports the wrong values associated with fees and debts. In these cases, the consumers are unable to make the appropriate changes to the outstanding amounts, despite having proof of documents from court proceedings or other events.

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