How Do You Reverse Lookup Medical Diagnosis Codes?


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Reverse lookup medical diagnosis codes on the CMS.gov, FindACode.com or ICD9Data.com websites. Input keywords into a search blank and a list of codes, with corresponding medical diagnoses, appears below the search.

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Codes appear in ascending numerical order on CMS.gov. For example, a search for the keyword "valve" returns more than 30 entries for the International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, codes. The first code on the list is 093.20, which indicates a patient with an unspecified syphilitic endocarditis of a valve. Codes appear on the left side of the column, while the short description of each code is on the right. Print, email or share the search by clicking any of those icons in the upper-right portion of the Web page.

Enter a term in the comprehensive code lookup portion of FindACode.com. This website searches ICD-9 codes, Common Procedural Terminology codes from the American Medical Association, and alphanumeric Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System codes used for Medicare insurance billing. Pay one of several fees to obtain access to more features on this website.

Input a search at the top of any ICD9Data.com Web page. For instance, a search for the keyword "valve" returns entries for ICD-10 codes used by the World Health Organization, starting with nonrheumatic mitral valve disorders. Click on any of the blue hyperlinks to retrieve more information about specific codes.

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