What Is the Return Policy on Amazon Warehouse Deals?

As of 2015, Amazon.com's return policy on an Amazon Warehouse Deals product is that it can be returned within a 30-day period of the customer receiving the product shipment. This policy applies to most items that are sold and shipped by Amazon.com, with only certain products having different requirements and policies. Amazon Warehouse Deals products are generally items that have been refurbished, used, returned or considered warehouse-damaged.

Products sold through the Amazon Warehouse Deals program indicate that the item is physically and functionally usable, but the product does not qualify for a New rating according to Amazon.com's standards. Amazon Warehouse Deals products listed on Amazon.com operate similarly to products sold by other merchants. Inventory for this category of product is not guaranteed by Amazon.com, as it does not use a traditional inventory ordering system.

The condition of Amazon Warehouse Deals products range from unopened customer-returned items to products that have been used outside of their original packaging. These products are sold on Amazon.com at discounted prices and the listings generally include links to similar listings from product competitors. Amazon Warehouse Deals products are generally required to be fully operational but may still be sold even if they have some physical defects.