How Do You Return Merchandise to Walmart?


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Merchandise typically can be returned to Walmart via the retailer's Customer Service Centers, as of 2015. The item may not be returnable if it is in poor condition, does not have a receipt, was purchased more than 90 days ago or if the customer fails to present a valid ID.

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Customers usually can make returns without a receipt, although they must meet certain criteria to do so. These criteria are: having a non-altered, government-issued photo ID card; not being previously warned about limits on returning items without a receipt; not having a declined return within the past 90 days; and the return adhering to all other return policies.

These policies include certain items being impossible to return. Such items include ammunition, guns, go-carts, ATVs, and gas-powered mini bikes. Alcohol and tobacco can be returned within 15 days of purchase if the customer has the receipt, and airbeds that have been open or used can only be exchanged for the same airbed or as credit toward another airbed.

While most products can be returned within 90 days, there are other exceptions. Computers, tablets, video game systems, and hardware and other electronics may only be returned within 15 days and with a receipt. Prepaid cellphones may be returned within 14 days with a receipt. Lawn mowers, weed eaters, swimming pools, chainsaws and hedge trimmers must be returned within 30 days, along with power washers, air conditioners, generators and compressors.

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