What Are Some Retirement Resources Available to Postal Employees on LiteBlue?


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Some retirement resources available to postal employees on LiteBlue include better communication platforms, as well as information regarding revenue generated and all products available to them. LiteBlue is an online portal that helps postal employees stay in touch with their careers, states Public Sector Retirement, LLC (PSR).

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Postal employees who are about to reach retirement age or those who have already reached it can benefit by visiting LiteBlue to learn more about the revenue they have generated. This will help them make better financial planning decisions for the future.

The portal gives employees an overview of performance and how they can improve. This is helpful as it can lead to better productivity in subsequent days. It can also help employees set themselves up for recognition in the coming weeks or years.

LiteBlue gives employees the opportunity to check through PostalEASE and even change benefits accordingly. After going through various sections of the portal, employees can offer their feedback. This will be reviewed and used to make services even better.

Postal employees can find a link for submitting retirement applications on this portal, notes PSR. The link makes application convenient and easy because it can be done anywhere as long as there is a computer and Internet connection.

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