How Do You View Your Retirement Plan Online?


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The specific method for viewing your retirement plan online varies depending on the plan itself and the way your employer creates it, though in many cases you must log into an account with the financial institution managing the plan. Some companies also include retirement plan information within an employee portal, which requires you to create an account on that website to access plan details.

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Speak with a member of your company's human resources department to understand the best way to access plan information. Many companies offer 401(k) retirement plans that deduct a portion of your paycheck before withholding taxes, then deposit the deducted portion into a special account that accrues interest over time. In these cases, the bank account often requires you to create a username and password to access balances and other information.

Some companies may offer a special employee website that includes all of their benefits information; an example is the Home Depot employee self-service site. These websites require you to create an account using your employee identification number or Social Security number to view the details of your retirement plan. Speak with a supervisor or human resources representative to learn about the exact process for creating the account and accessing your plan information.

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