What Are Some Retirement Options Through CalPERS for a Disabled Person?


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If a CalPERS member sustains an injury or illness that is not job-related but affects his ability to perform his job, he can make a claim through Disability Retirement, according to CalPERS. If the disabling condition is job-related, he can make the claim under Industrial Disability Retirement. If CalPERS approves the claim, the disabled member receives a monthly retirement payment for the rest of his life or until his condition improves.

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CalPERS members with disabling conditions do not have to meet an age requirement for disability benefits, says CalPERS. However, they must have at least five years of credit service to be eligible for benefits, or 10 years if they are Second Tier members. Members may apply for disability retirement even if they do not yet meet the permanent and stationary standard that Workers' Compensation requires. The member may apply on his own or someone else may apply on his behalf. The website also offers an online member education class to teach applicants how complete the application process.

Once CalPERS receives the application and other documentation, it usually processes the claim within three months, states the website. Upon approval of the application, CalPERS starts sending payments within four to six weeks. Members with terminal illnesses can receive emergency retirement under a special expedited process.

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