What Retirement Benefits Does Chrysler Offer Full-Time Employees?

Retired employees at Chrysler are eligible for several benefits including 401(k) plan withdrawals, an employee-managed retirement plan and vehicle leasing discounts, states the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles website. Retirees also receive health care benefits, according to the Chrysler retirees' website.

Through the Employee Vehicle Lease and Fast Feedback programs, a Chrysler retiree can lease a new vehicle every one to two years, reports FCA. A vehicle lease under this program features unlimited mileage and no deductibles.

A retired FCA employee and his dependents also are eligible for health benefits through the United Auto Workers Union Retiree Medical Benefits Trust. This trust provides health care benefits for UAW union members who are retirees of Chrysler, Ford and General Motors, according to the UAW Medical Benefits Trust.

FCA offers savings plans that allow an employee to set money aside to fund his retirement expenses, FCA states. The company contributes 5 percent of an employee's base pay to the employee-managed retirement plan on behalf of the employee. A 401(k) retirement plan also is available to employees. This optional 401(k) plan allows an employee to contribute up to 50 percent of his base pay on a pre-tax basis to the plan, subject to the contribution limit set by the Internal Revenue Service. Post-tax contributions of up to 10 percent of an employee's base pay are also permitted in this plan.