Who Are Some Retailers That Still Accept Checks Online?

As of 2015, retailers such as Walmart, Samsung and SmartBargains all accept checks as payment methods for online orders. However, online orders can be delayed because it takes time for the organization to receive and process the check.

As of 2015, SmartBargains.com, which sells products such as jewelry, watches, glasses, fashion accessories and home decor, accepts U.S. checks as a payment method. A check must be mailed in, and the order is delayed by approximately 15 days until the check clears.

Samsung also allows checks as a payment method for online orders. Samsung provides customers with information on how to send the payment once the order is submitted.

Walmart allows both checks as well as other forms of cash payments for online orders. Consumers can select the "pay with cash" option on Walmart's website, then pay for the order in a Walmart store with the check.