What Are Some Retailers That Sell Translucent Plastic Sheets?


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EPlastics' online store sells translucent-colored plexiglass sheets designed for lighting and signage applications. Home Depot sells several types of plastic sheets, including those it describes as opaque. Amazon sells small plastic sheets designed for craft projects. Lowes sells clear plastic sheeting suitable for construction and painting. Lowes and Home Depot may have sheeting available at a local store; all of these retailers ship products to the customer.

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ePlastics offers pre-cut sheets an eighth- to a quarter-inch thick, and they custom match customers' color selections. Home Depot sells plastic sheets with a number of finish types, including frosted, textured, tinted and mirrored. It also carries shatter resistant and bullet proof sheets. Amazon sells clear plastic sheets in packs of four and 25, available in both medium and heavy weights. Lowes plastic sheeting comes in rolls up to 400 feet, ranging in widths of three to 20 feet.

Clear plastic sheeting comes in rolls or in flat panels. Lowes and Home Depot carry rolls in different dimensions and thicknesses, which offer varying degrees of strength and durability. Use plastic sheeting for construction and craft projects, and choose acid-free sheets to protect vulnerable materials, such as photographs. Polycarbonate plastic sheeting is stronger than glass and is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.

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