What Retailers Sell RC Cola?

Although the RC Beverage Company does not list specific retailers that sell its RC products, it does offer a service map on its website of its distribution area. Many retailers within the distribution area sell RC cola and the company’s other products throughout five states, including Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee, as of 2016.

On RCBeverage.com, click the View Our Service Map link to view a map of the distribution zones for RC cola and other products in RC’s line-up. There is also a listing of service areas listed beside the map along with counties within each distribution area that RC services. For example, in the Bowling Green, Kentucky area, RC services Allen, Barren, Laurue and Warren counties, among others. These distribution centers may deliver product to a variety of stores within the service area.

The RC Beverage Company, in business for more than half a century as of 2016, distributes 170 million bottles and cans of soft drinks each year to approximately two million people in 86 counties in its five-state service area. The company, headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, offers RC cola, diet RC cola, Sunkist, Big Red, Sun Drop and other beverages to its customers within the areas it services.