What Retailers Sell Custom Choppers?

What Retailers Sell Custom Choppers?

Retailers that sell custom choppers include HouseofThunderUSA.com, ChopperZoo.com, ChopperCityUSA.com, TwistedChoppers.com and ThunderStruckCustomBikes.com. HouseofThunderUSA.com customizes and sells Harley-Davidson motorcycles in Miami, Florida. The company also sells Boss Hoss and Royal Enfield motorcycles and customized trikes.

HouseofThunderUSA.com has modified Harley-Davidson, BMW, Triumph and Ducati cycles. Its custom choppers range from minimalist designs to chrome-covered bikes. The company has also designed cycles with military themes, including a Navy-themed chopper. HouseofThunderUSA.com partners with Miami-area artists to create unique artwork and designs on its choppers. It also has an inventory of Boss Hoss, Honda and Boom trikes, with some used vehicles available.

ChopperZoo.com is an online chopper retailer based in south Florida. It specializes in Orange County Choppers and Knievel Custom Cycles, and is the only retailer in Florida that sells Bourget cycles. As of December 2015, its inventory includes Fat Daddy, CruelWorld, Apache and Lugz custom choppers.

ChopperCityUSA.com manufactures custom choppers to order. The company, which is located in Middleburg, Florida, also customizes and repairs motorcycles.

TwistedChoppers.com, located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, sells and customizes vintage and contemporary motorcycles, including drop seat models, fat boys and choppers.

ThunderStruckCustomBikes.com offers customization, fabrication and street bikes. As of December 2015, its prices ranged from $25,000 to $32,000 for custom motorcycles. The Oregon company modifies choppers, bobbers, baggers and pro street bikes, and specializes in Harley-Davidson cycles. Examples of customization work include custom fenders, gas tanks, frames, handlebars and exhaust systems.