How Do You Find Retailers That Sell Cubex Wood Pellets?


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Retailers that sell Cubex wood pellets include Southern Maine Renewable Fuels, Amherst Farmer's Supply, Inc., B.T. Enterprises, Dodge's Agway and Ferguson's Energy Systems. Each has a website where the wood pellets can be ordered for pickup at a retail location or for delivery directly to the consumer.

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Delivery is limited to each retailer's geographic location. Southern Maine Renewable Fuels is based in Maine, Amherst Farmer's Supply has a location in Massachusetts, B.T Enterprises has a location in Connecticut, Dodge's Agway has three locations in New Hampshire, and Ferguson's Energy Systems is based in Ontario, Canada. Since there is little need for wood pellets in the summer, many of these stores reduce their hours of operation until it begins to get colder.

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