What Retailers Sell Crib Replacement Screws?

Online retailers such as Products America and Storkcraft sell crib replacement screws and other parts. Stores such as Walmart and Target, home centers such as The Home Depot and Lowe's, and various hardware stores also stock these parts. Alternately, obtain crib parts directly from the manufacturer.

Products America is an online hardware store that offers reliable hardware for many products, including cribs. Crib parts are classified by use or function under the Crib Hardware section of its website. Find screws or other parts by using the site's visual index of parts, using its search tool, or contacting the retailer’s customer service staff for assistance. The retailer only accepts orders for replacement parts by phone.

Storkcraft sells parts for a number of popular crib brands, such as Graco, Stork Craft and Ragazzi. To buy a part, use the Order Parts section on its official website, StorkcraftDirect.com. An order requires a detailed description of the part. Call the Storkcraft customer service call center for guidance in filling out the order form.

Manufacturers sometimes recall old cribs that don't meet present safety standards, so check with the Consumer Product Safety Division at 800-638-2772, as of December 2015, to make sure no recalls exist for your crib before reusing it. Adhere to the Consumer Product Safety Commission crib safety guidelines to protect your child.