What Are Some Retailers That Sell Collapsible Police Batons?

What Are Some Retailers That Sell Collapsible Police Batons?

Bass Pro Shops, CopsPlus.com, TheHomeSecuritySuperStore.com and WeaponsUniverse.com all sell collapsible police batons. Because collapsible police batons are illegal in many states retailers may not ship to those states, customers should check their state's weapons laws before ordering.

Bass Pro Shops offers the Smith and Wesson Heat Treated baton with sheath in states where it is legal to own. The baton is made with seamless stainless steel and a raised, polyester grip. The baton deploys with the flick of the wrist.

CopsPlus.com carries collapsible baton models from Uzi, Smith and Wesson, Monadnock and ASP. Selection includes batons with reaches from 12 inches to 26 inches, and chrome or steel material. Collapsible models include straight and handled batons. CopsPlus.com accepts all major credit cards and organizational purchase order checks.

TheHomeSecuritySuperstore.com carries Streetwise, ASP, Takedown Gear, Furty Tactical, Smith and Wesson, Triple K and Rothco brands sell collapsible batons. Its inventory ranges from a 12-inch key chain to 26 inch full reach batons. TheHomeSecuritySuperstore.com features a 90 day warranty on all batons and accepts PayPal, check, money orders, purchase orders and all major credit cards.

WeaponsUniverse.com carries Monadnock, ASP and Takedown Gear brand batons. Its selection includes key chain size up to 26 inch reach batons. Inventory is sorted by handle type, brand and size. WeaponsUniverse.com accepts all major credit cards and ships via UPS or USPS.