What Are Some Retailers That Offer Catalog Request Forms Online?

What Are Some Retailers That Offer Catalog Request Forms Online?

Retailers that have online catalog request forms include Macy's, Neiman Marcus, Ikea and Bass Pro Shops. Some retailers offer a yearly catalog, and others offer periodic brochures and catalogs. Some catalogs are only available online. Catalog request links are typically found at the bottom section of the retailer's website.

Macy's catalog request form requires entering a ZIP code so the store is able to match the request to its regional promotional offerings. Macy's digitizes its catalogs for easy online viewing.

Customers who enjoy shopping at Neiman Marcus can order its annual Christmas catalog for a nominal cost. Its Christmas book can be purchased using the online shopping cart and is shipped directly to consumers. The Neiman Marcus Christmas book is available in the fall.

The Ikea catalog is popular with consumers who enjoy shopping for all sorts of home furnishings and accessories. Ikea publishes a yearly catalog, which is available at its local stores. Individuals can sign up on its website to receive its annual catalog by mail and online. Ikea's digitized catalog is available for online viewing via computer or mobile device.

Customers of Bass Pro Shops can receive one or more specialty catalogs by visiting the company's catalog request page on its website. Bass Pro Shops can send catalogs to destinations in the United States, Canada and overseas.