What Retailers Offer Cashless Payment Systems?


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Retailers offering cashless payment systems in the United States include Walmart, Walgreens, MacDonald’s and Subway, reports CardHub. Other retailers possessing cashless payment systems include Southern Refreshment Services, M&M Sales Company and Five Star Food Service, according to Vending Market Watch. In general, only a small proportion — 27 percent — of transactions in the United States involve cash, according to Strategic Business Insights.

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What Retailers Offer Cashless Payment Systems?
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Certain restaurant chains, such as Commerce, only accept debit and credit cards, while the large proportion of airlines refuse cash for in-flight purchases, notes The Atlantic. While debit and credit cards remain the prevalent method of paying without using cash, mobile phone-based cashless payment systems are becoming increasingly popular. For instance, Starbucks offers a cashless payment system that allows users to debit the company’s prepaid cards using a smartphone app. By April 2015, the platform boasted 13 million users.

Other mobile-phone based payment platforms include Google Wallet, which can be used to make purchases online or at brick-and-mortar stores, PayPal, the payment platform of choice at eBay, and Apple Pay, a solution that utilizes the fingerprint scanner on certain iPhone models, reports TechRepublic.

Other cashless payment platforms of a similar nature include Square Cash, which relies on a unique system of usernames dubbed $Cashtag; Stripe, a platform that accepts Bitcoins; M-Pesa, which allows users to deposit, withdraw and transfer money; and Samsung Pay, a payment system that utilizes specialized technology built into the company’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge models, explains TechRepublic.

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