What Are Some Retailers That Buy Tennessee Ginseng?


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Some retailers of Tennessee ginseng include WildGrown.com, Warner Natural Herbs (Tennessee), Taylors Ginseng (Kentucky) and Ken-Tenn Sang (offices in Kentucky and Tennessee). Complete lists of Tennessee ginseng dealers are available for fees from professional growers’ associations such as Profits from Nature.

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The sale of Tennessee ginseng is strictly regulated by the state. According to “Ginseng Dealer Permit,” a dealer must have a valid Ginseng Dealer Permit for the current year that documents his name, his agent, the name of his business or organization and his address. This permit allows dealers to harvest, purchase and vend wild ginseng collected in the state of Tennessee from September 1-December 31, green roots from September 1-March 31 and dry roots from September 15-March 31. Further, if the dealer moves the ginseng across state lines, he must also have a Ginseng Export Certificate.

To be legally harvestable, a ginseng plant must have red berries and at least three prongs. Further, pursuant to Species Protection and Conservation under the Tennessee code, harvesters must also immediately re-plant seeds from harvested plants as close as possible to where they’re harvested. While private landowners don’t need a permit to harvest wild ginseng on their property, dealers may harvest wild or cultivated ginseng on private property with owners’ permission. With the proper permits, they’re also allowed to harvest on some public land.

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