What Are Retail Merchandising Jobs?


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Retail merchandising jobs involve a variety of activities that pertain to the acquisition, placement and sale of products within a retail setting. Some companies employ retail merchandisers directly to uphold brand consistency, create store campaigns and implement new strategies, though many jobs also exist within marketing firms that specialize in retail support and solutions.

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Retail stores employ merchandisers to help in various stages of the product lifestyle and general operation of physical locations, beginning with buyers. For example, a buyer for a clothing store visits different locations and countries to identify new fashion trends and clothing opportunities and advises the company on what styles to include in its stores. She may also help to broker deals between the stores and designers or manufacturers to have the clothing appear in the stores.

After the retailers determine the product lines, merchandisers develop the systems and strategies for placing the products within the stores. This includes creating the layouts of store shelving systems and departments, determining what products appear at different levels on the shelves and creating visual displays for certain lines or products. In some cases, the merchandiser works with the manufacturer of the product to create the layouts and promotional materials.

Merchandising jobs also involve promoting the products to customers, such as through special campaigns, promotions and displays outside of the stores. They also visit different retail locations to help the staff meet company standards and implement new display systems.

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