How Do You Find Retail Job Postings?

You can find retail job postings on the Snagajob website by entering Retail or a similar word/phrase into the website's search engine and clicking the magnifying glass icon to search. You can also enter a state or ZIP code into the second box of the search engine to limit results.

Upon hitting the search icon, Snagajob then provides a listing of retail jobs for you to browse through. If you left the location search box blank, then the website provides listings from across the United States; otherwise, the results come from the location you chose. Click on individual entries to view job title, company information, job description, educational requirements (when applicable) and abilities and skills. Each entry also has an Apply button to apply either via Snagajob or on the retail store's website. You need a personal account to apply through Snagajob, which you can create by clicking on the Sign In/Join link at the top of the website.

Snagajob also gives you the option to view search results by map or company name. You can also sign up to have the website send you job alerts via email when new retail positions open up, and you can also email openings to other individuals from the website.