What Are Some Resume Writing Tips When Appyling for a Truck Driving Job?


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Resume writing tips for applying to a truck driving job include emphasizing one's certifications and safety record, and offering specifics about truck driving experience and skills. Additionally, be sure to note previous supervisory experience, abilities related to training others, as well as any knowledge of how to repair vehicles. A properly prepared resume should showcase a driver's skills and experiences, as most directly relates to the position being applied for.

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The resume should include a section near the top, beneath the name and contact info but before the experience section, to add career objectives. This is the best section to include the type of CDL the driver possesses, what his safety record is, and his ability to pass basic physical fitness tests. Doing so in this section shows the hiring manager how the applicant can be an asset to the job.

When listing jobs for the professional experience section, it is important to be specific. This includes specifying the exact vehicles driven and for how long each was driven. The applicant should mention if he has ever trained any employees. This shows the hiring manager that the applicant's previous employers trusted him and that he is very knowledgeable about truck driving.

In addition to sections specifying education and licenses, the resume should mention the applicant's additional relevant skills. These can include the physical labor he is able to perform, how fit he is and what basic repairs he can make to trucks.

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