What Are Some Resume Tips for a Stay-at-Home Mom?


A stay-at-home mom can alleviate potential employers' concerns if she clearly communicates the reasons for her work history gap. She can also include content in her resume that makes her stand out, such as volunteer work, and she should stress what she can offer her potential employer rather than what the employer can do for her.

When addressing a work history gap, a stay-at-home mom should prepare for an interview by tuning up her skills. By taking an online course or doing freelance work on the side, she can get ready to show recent examples of excellence.

When highlighting the volunteer work she has completed, a stay-at-home mom should focus on her accomplishments, something hiring managers appreciate. Volunteer positions often require stay-at-home moms to head up huge events, make significant financial decisions and bring about change in their communities. Any such accomplishments should be included in a resume.

A stay-at-home mom should be able to point to something on her resume that makes her stand out from those who have continuously been employed. Stay-at-home moms who have started home-based businesses, written e-books or developed significant social media presences have accomplishments that make them appear serious about their return to work and demonstrates their motivation. Stay-at-home moms looking to return to work may want to consider taking on more such activities to help prepare their resumes for their return to work.