What Are Some Resume Tips for a Homemaker Returning to the Workforce?


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A homemaker can ease potential employers' concerns when clearly communicating her reasons for the work history gap. She can include content in the resume that makes her stand out, such as her volunteer work, and stress what she can offer the potential employer rather than focusing on what the employer can do for her.

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A homemaker should address her work history gap by taking an online course or doing some freelance work when possible so she can show recent examples of her skills. A homemaker can also use her volunteering background to highlight accomplishments, such as heading up big events or making significant financial decisions. These accomplishments are important to include in a resume as many hiring managers appreciate these skills. A homemaker who stays active in professional associations, attends meetings and volunteers for activities that match her career choice can incorporate that information onto her resume.

A homemaker should highlight something on her resume that makes her stand out from applicants who have been employed continuously. Some homemakers have started home-based businesses, developed a significant social media presence or have written e-books. Homemakers looking to return to work should consider taking on these types of roles and activities to help prepare their resumes for their return back into the workforce.

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