How Do You Find Free Resume Examples?


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There are many website that offer free resume examples, including Resume-help.org, Monster.com and Resumizer.com. Word processing programs like Microsoft's Word and Apple's Pages include various resume templates that facilitate resume creation. A resume consists of a job seeker's contact information, objective, skills, education and employment history, and references.

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Many websites that feature resume examples also offer free resume-building software online, such as Resumizer.com. A user builds a resume on Resumizer.com by selecting the desired template and filling in the pertinent information in pre-determined fields.

A resume is a description of someone's skills, education and employment history used to find new employment. Most employers require a resume from an applicant, sometimes in addition to filling out a pre-printed application. The quality of the resume can affect an applicant's chances of securing employment. In highly competitive industries, job applicants sometimes print their resumes on visually unique paper to make the resumes stand out from the rest of the pile.

A resume is an important part of securing a job interview and must not be underestimated. Monster.com suggests that a post-interview thank you note may help a hiring manager remember the applicant even if most managers have said that they ignore the notes. Sending a thank you note is a small cost if the hiring manager expects to receive one.

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