What Are the Responsibilities of a Virtual Office Receptionist?

What Are the Responsibilities of a Virtual Office Receptionist?

Responsibilities of a virtual office receptionist include answering incoming calls, scheduling appointments and answering questions about products or services. A virtual office receptionist performs many of the same duties as a regular receptionist but she works offsite, often from a home office.

Companies that employ virtual receptionists often do so to improve their customer service by increasing service times available or to save on their overhead costs. As corporations expand into new time zones, they use virtual receptionists to be available during regular business hours across the globe. A virtual receptionist may also perform other administrative duties such as typing reports, faxing documents and emailing other company members.

Industries with employment opportunities vary and include florists, property managers, vacation rental agencies, cable service providers and medical offices.

Virtual receptionists are usually required to provide their own home offices. They must supply office equipment supplies such as a computer, noise-canceling headset, dedicated landline phone and high speed Internet access. Job seekers should be wary of scams from illegitimate companies that require purchasing software or providing sensitive information via email.

Hiring a virtual receptionist offers growth opportunities for companies and also eliminates the need for an extensive hiring and interview process that can be time-consuming and costly for businesses. Some companies, such as Intelligent Office, offer virtual receptionist services and promise that the workers they provide are knowledgeable, courteous and professional.