What Are the Responsibilities of a Veterinary Assistant?


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The responsibilities of veterinary assistants include taking care of animals in clinics, laboratories and animal hospitals. These professionals perform daily tasks under the supervision of a veterinarian or the supervision of veterinary technologists and scientists. Daily responsibilities include cleaning kennels, feeding animals and overseeing the well-being of animals.

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Veterinary assistants play an important role in helping veterinarians with surgery and minor procedures. The assistant must pass surgical instruments to the veterinarian. Veterinary assistants also prepare materials and equipment for veterinarians during surgery. They give animals emergency first aid and nurse injured animals.

These assistants also give the animals immunizations and medications that the veterinarian prescribes. In some cases, the assistant may be required to restrain animals during certain procedures or transport animals after testing. Veterinary assistants must record the weight of the animals and take their temperature. The assistant must also collect urine, blood and tissue samples.

On a routine basis, veterinary assistants bathe, feed and help animals exercise. The assistants must clean examination rooms, disinfect cages, maintain kennels and clean operation rooms. Veterinary assistants are required to sterilize surgical instruments, maintain equipment and disinfect other operation materials. Caring for animals and monitoring their condition after surgery are also responsibilities of the veterinary assistant.

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