What Are the Responsibilities of a Saleslady?


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The responsibilities of a saleslady depend somewhat on her work environment; however, some duties, such as calling on prospects, delivering presentations and closing details, are common across most sales jobs. In general, a sales woman is tasked with identifying potential customers, qualifying them, asking questions and making recommendations.

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What Are the Responsibilities of a Saleslady?
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Prospecting is the act of seeking out potential customers. Sales women use tools such as cold calling, referrals, networking, directories and trade shows to identify potential customers. After developing a prospect base, the salesperson calls on prospects and arranged initial meetings. During sales meetings, the goal is to ask questions and to listen to the prospect explain buying conditions.

After understanding what the prospect needs, the sales woman presents a solution that is the best match for the prospect. During the presentation, the salesperson may use tools like PowerPoint or a portfolio to demonstrate benefits of the solution. After presenting the solution and addressing buyer concerns, the sales lady attempts to close the sale.

After a successful close, the salesperson continues to interact with a new customer in relationship management activities. These activities include follow-up calls to identify problems or concerns within the customer experience. Over time, the salesperson attempts to complete add-on sales or new sales to the customer as well.

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