What Are Some of the Responsibilities of a Ranch Manager?


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A ranch manager is responsible for taking care of farm machinery, ensuring high animal and crop yield and sourcing for farm inputs. The job may include implementing strategies for achieving maximum yield to ensure a healthy cash flow. A typical ranch manager should have practical and technical competence.

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A typical day for a ranch manager involves organizing, planning as well as planning the day's core farm activities. He needs to have some basic financial knowledge, since the ranch is a commercial enterprise. Some of the practical daily activities include operating farm machinery, driving tractors, spraying the crop fields and feeding the livestock.

The ranch manager is responsible for sourcing and purchasing the farm inputs, such as animal feeds, seeds and fertilizer. A ranch manager oversees the repair of machinery when they break down. However, repair and maintenance is not only restricted to farm machinery, as the farmhouses and structures also require regular maintenance.

Maintaining and close monitoring of yield quality is one of the core duties of a ranch manager. The holder of the position should ensure consistent production of high yields. The manager achieves this by understanding any weather implications and putting in place contingency plans. The farm manager should maintain the environment and protect the ranch’s biodiversity.

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