What Are Some Responsibilities of a Project Coordinator?

Responsibilities of a project coordinator include acting as an assistant to the project manager and providing information to the project team about the project. His responsibilities also include some administrative work.

A project coordinator serves as an assistant to project managers in ensuring a project meets its objectives. He gathers information needed to coordinate a project, then hands it over to the project manager, who sees the project through. He communicates with the project members to give updates on the project schedule, informing them of project deadlines and any new developments in a project's status.

The project coordinator performs administrative tasks such as taking minutes at meetings and filing project documents. He is also responsible for creating and maintaining a project work plan and schedule and creating responsibility lists for those involved in the project.

He keeps track of documents including purchase orders, budgets and contracts. He updates stakeholders on the project’s status and acts as a resource person by doing research, analyzing information, providing documentation and preparing reports.

Depending on the company or organization, a project coordinator position might include supervisory responsibilities. These can involve supervising the research assistants or the project interns, assigning them tasks, and setting job priorities.